Factory Vitola: Duke
Popular Vitola:  Robusto Extra
Ring Gauge: 54
Lenght: 140 mm
Diameter: 21.43 mm
Weight: 14.21 gr.
Strength:  Medium
Packaging Type: Semi Boite Nature Box of 5 cigars
Packaging Type: Semi Boite Nature Box of 25 cigars
Box Code: GAT AGO 13 (SBN of 25 cigars)
Origin: Cuba
Made: Hand-Made
Release Date: 2011
Status:  Currently Available


Partagas Serie E No. 2 is distinguished with the incorporation of 54 ring judge from the newest and also for its new layout in their demonstrations.


Partagás, the renowned brand of this Habanos, had its roots in the year 1845. Its attributes formats, well valued by the smokers who like intense flavors. The Series will match the scope the manufacturer already has the much valued Serie D No. 4and believed by specialists as the agent vitola.

A Partagás Habano is instantly recognized by its own rich and intense taste. The character of its own blend, composed by tobacco leaves chosen in the Vuelta Abajo Region, is obviously an inimitable richness and odor. Each of the Habanos are fabricated“Totalmente a Mano” con tripa larga (Extended Filler Entirely by Hand).

The new Partagás Serie E No.2 (54 ring gauge x140mm span ) inaugurates a new Partagas Serie, solely created using a ring gauge of 54, best ring gauge around now presented in parejos with this particular brand: as a creation to its picture, a flap to different the cigars from the box along with an outside lithographed bit of paper was inserted to generate the wooden boxes of this brand more readily recognizable in the sockets.

Serie E No. 2  accessible with 2 demonstrations from boxes (SBN) (Semi boite Nature) of 25 and 5 components.


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