Montecristo 80th anniversary 

Length165 mm / 6.5 Inches
Diameter21.83 mm
Ring Gauge55

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What makes Montecristo 80th Anniversary special?
Fittingly the brand of Montecristo is now the best selling Cuban cigar range in the world.
Furthermore, it recently celebrated 80 years of uninterrupted production.
To commemorate this milestone the Montecristo 80th Anniversary was commissioned.
This cigar has only been available in the tiniest of quantities. Do not miss this exclusive cigar, produced in limited quantities: only 30,000 boxes came out from Cuba!

How is the taste of Montecristo 80th Anniversary?

The Montecristo 80th Anniversary starts medium with some woodiness, waffle cones, acorns, and a touch of burning woods.
 Flavor is full, the body is medium-full and strength is medium. That changes by the second third with the body even fuller and strength picking up to medium. 
In the second third the earthiness picks up as the Montecristo gets less sweet, though there’s a thick vanilla creaminess through the nose.
In addition, there’s coffee, some black pepper, and a lot more of the leaves characteristics.
 By the final third, there’s zero sweetness to the cigar, though more concerning there’s a lot more harshness.
The woodiness has now joined the earthiness up front, though most of my attention is on the pepper, which increases as the cigar burns down.

How long does Montecristo 80th Anniversary last?

This cigar gives an average smoke time of 60 minutes. Buy Montecristo 80th Anniversary for the best and exclusive smoking experience.

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2 reviews for Montecristo 80th Anniversary

  1. Winston A. Layman

    one of the best classics I’ve tried, there is nothing similar like the taste, smell and carburation of this cigar I give it 10 out of 10. Excellent payment metod, i love TBCC because They always have top quality products, never in my years as a customer have they ever failed me

  2. Samuel R. Mayfield

    If I could smoke only one cigar for the rest of my life it would be the Montecristo 80th Anniversary,i have smoked many hundreds over the years and never had a bad one,maybe I have just been lucky. I sent a box 2 years ago to a friend in the States along with other Cubans and he replied that the Montecristo 80th Anniversary were the finest cigars he had ever smoked and nothing came near to them in USA, thanks the best cuban cigars. i recomended 100% all is original, have a lot metods to pay and the delivery are in all the world

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