Cohiba Robusto

Length124 mm / 4.9 Inches
Diameter19.85 mm
Ring Gauge50


What makes Cohiba Robusto special?

The Cohiba Robustos is a Cuban all-star, powerful and complex.

These cigars are unique because they have a great construction, with Colorado claro wrapper, with almost no veins and an awesome foot.

This is a real gem and not to be confused with a simple thick cigar.

How is the taste of Cohiba Robusto?

The delicate taste of black honey with hints of spiciness is dominant in the first third. The classic Cohiba characteristics of grassiness appear from the first draw.

Medium to full-bodied at the start, earthy and creamy flavors and a peppery finish.

Into the second third, the cigar becomes more complex exhibiting wood, caramel, honey and cedar.

However, it has plenty of earth and wood, all perfectly balanced in great harmony.

In the last third the flavors get stronger and the body fuller. Notes of cocoa and leather are adding to its huge complexity.

How long does Cohiba Robusto last?

This cigar will give you an average time of 90 minutes. So, buy Cohiba Robustos online and take a sip of rich flavors.

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