Montecristo is perhaps the most popular and appreciated Habanos brand. Many Habanos smokers consider it to be the benchmark against which the other brands are measured.

At the factory where it was founded in 1935, the Lector enjoyed reading the story of Alexandre Dumas’ novel ‘The Count of Montecristo’ to the Torcedores (cigar makers), a firm favourite of the factory’s cigar makers.

Montecristo was originally available in a limited assortment of sizes numbered 1 to 5.  Currently, the line consists of a wide variety of vitolas covering every need of the cigar enthusiast.  In response to the trend toward heavier gauge sizes in 2004, the 52 ring gauge Edmundo size was introduced, and a shorter version, the Petit Edmundo, followed two years later.  How did Edmundo come about? Edmundo Dantes, the main character in Dumas’ novel, is named after him.

Montecristo introduced the Montecristo Open series in 2009, a line of four sizes blending a lighter flavor than Montecristo’s other classes and targeting a new generation of smokers who enjoy the outdoors.


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