What makes Montecristo No.2 special?

The Montecristo No 2 is one of the most instantly recognizable cigars on the planet. Its distinctive Piramides design has been much copied but never surpassed. Only Cuba’s very finest and experienced rollers are allowed to roll a Montecristo No 2. One of Winston Churchill’s favorite cigars, this cigar has a rich and distinguished history. For those of you with slightly less time on your hands, the Montecristo No.2 has recently been introduced to complement this magnificent cigar.

How is the taste of Montecristo No.2?

The first third greets you with typical Montecristo flavors. The dominant flavors are of cocoa, coffee; some nice smoothness is also there along with cedar and earthy notes. We also detect some nuts, toast, and light spices in the first third. Those classic Montecristo flavors are at their peak with the No.2 Furthermore, the second third of the cigar is consistent with the first third. There are still the flavors of chocolate, espresso, nuts, cream, and leather. The smoothness is well balanced with some light spices and woods flavors by the end of the second third. The final third is wonderful. The smoke produced by the Montecristo No.2 is now full of aromas; the burn line is becoming more upright and the ash has a nice dark gray color. The flavors are still fairly similar to the first two thirds except that they are now more pronounced. In summary, this cigar is tough to beat. Simply the best!

How long does Montecristo No.2 last?

This cigar gives you an average smoke time of 105 minutes. Buy Montecristo No.2 and enjoy its incredible flavors.

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1 review for Montecristo No 2

  1. Thom

    I have tried 4 Montecristo n.2 from different boxes. All have been around 8.5 or 9; but one specific n.º 2 I smoked was perfect and after so many different cigars smoked since then, I have to reevaluate this one and give it a 10. What an amazing experience, even if paired with tea !!! The definition of the world famous n.2

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