Factory Vitola: Laguito No.1
Popular Vitola: Long Panetela – T
Ring Gauge: 38
Lenght: 192 mm
Diameter: 15.08 mm
Weight: 10.29 gr.
Strength: Medium – Full
Packaging Type: Varnished Boîte Nature Box of 25 cigars
Packaging Type: Cardboard Pack of 5 cigars (discontinued 2013)
Box Code: MUO MAY 14 (Box of 25 cigars)
Box Code: N/A (Pack of 5 cigars)
Origin: Cuba
Made: Hand-Made
Release Date: 1964
Status: Currently Available

Look :
Long and lean, an extremely original cigar in look.

Structure :
Seeing this cigar attracts two intriguing view points. One is they are quite knobby, using a lumpiness to them. The intriguing part is that although one may believe this is a poor component, further review indicates that these cigars have quite excellent small hand wrapped construction. I have to state that, when closely considered, it seems if good care were shot in the construction of the beauty.

Taste :
Early into this cigar I was thrilled to obtain a smooth, grassy feeling, with no harshness in any way. 2/3 of the manner in, still no overpowering sensation. Smooth and beautiful as may be. The finale has been outstanding. This is only one of the hardly any cigars that appeared to keep an equivalent consistancy from start to finish. It is a shame Castro maintained this one to himself so long as he did. A creamy smoke, this is among the very few early in the afternoon with nothing in your own pallet cigars, great using a latte, possibly.

Worth :
All these are some expensive cigars, but wow, are they really well worth it. I strongly suggest that these for special events only, like the evening of your daughters weddingright after you awaken. Settle back and smoke and remember when she had been a tiny woman. It is an excellent“once in a lifetime event” smoke.

Total Rating:
There are just a select few cigars I am this happy with. I have not dated any yet, but you can bet there are a few in my Humidor.

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