Factory Vitola: Canonazo
Popular Vitola: Robusto Extra
Ring Gauge: 52
Lenght: 150 mm
Diameter: 20.64 mm
Weight: 14.67 gr.
Strength: Medium – Full
Packaging Type: Varnished Slide Lid Box of 10 cigars
Packaging Type: Varnished Slide Lid Box of 25 cigars
Packaging Type: Cardboard Pack of 3 cigars in aluminium tubos
Box Code: ARG DIC 13 (SLB of 10 cigars)
Box Code: LUB JUL 14 (SLB of 25 cigars)
Box Code: MUR NOV 12 (Pack of 3 tubos cigars)
Origin: Cuba
Made: Hand-Made
Release Date: 1994
Status: Currently Available

The new Cohiba Siglo VI, presented today to commemorate such a substantial date, will then pass to the typical assortment of Cohiba and will probably be offered in various countries at the beginning of 2003. Therefore, it’s going to have limited availability and the normal brand ring.

The new Cohiba Siglo VI comes in a distinctive format that is only going to exist within this Habanos brand. Its large format makes it feasible to fully appreciate the aroma and flavor of this Línea 1492 with total strength.
Using its Cohiba Siglo VI, Habanos S.A. continues to offer you the most exclusive cigars in the world, made to be able to fulfill the toughest and choose smokers: the Cohiba smokers.

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3 reviews for Cohiba Siglo VI

  1. James B. Adams

    of the best flavors that I love

  2. Leslie S. Hutchens

    excellent payment method and super fast shipping

  3. Danny O. Presley

    Opens up with subdued Cohiba flavors and nuttiness. Super smooth from aging and a firm enough draw, but not too firm to be annoying. Very LIGHT bodied and light/medium flavor, just sublime in the most relaxing and sophisticated way. Even burn through the 1st third, 2 inches of ash accumulating and counting. After the initial burst of flavors it settles in and retreats a bit to a creamy honey leather nut. Midway through and the ash still hasn’t fallen off yet, running at almost 3 inches long this thing it’s quite amazing how this is holding together. After a couple more puffs gravity finally has its way. Great construction. Flavors are stable without much transitioning. Smooth honey and hat with light leather all around. Last third picks up in body and intensity of flavors. What a smoke, hour of burn time. Love the old Cohiba bands. 10 out of 10

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