Cohiba Robustos

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Cohiba Robustos


Box of 25, 5 x 50

This cigar provides one powerful smoke, full of earthy and oak flavors. It has a full-bodied flavor with a complex character.

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Cohiba Robustos

  1. img-12

    Gil S. Manzano

    Amazing Cohiba, I am not a fan of most Cohiba’s, and have smoked almost all of them. The robusto really never disappoints, pretty full flavored, a hint of cocoa & lots of leather, spice, and everything nice!

  2. img-13

    David W. Miller

    It is my best, price is a bit higher than others but it is ok. Always i want to go this cigar. The construction and burn is perfect. Also, wrapper is nice and oily. Really, this cigar is gorgeous. I highly recommend that everyone should get in humidor.

  3. img-14

    Randal M. Hayward

    Cohiba Robustos New Label.Fine Colorado Wrapper with some veins, nice oily sheen. Solid construction and excellent draw. Burn was wavy but no need for corrections. Taste started immediately with notes of leather, toasted almonds, cocoa. A bit of pepper comes in and blends with core flavors. medium grey ash with dark streaks. Cone was whitish grey when tipped.Some dry woody noted on the retro and finish. Medium Flavor and strength. Not overly complex. Very enjoyable

  4. img-15

    Tony F. Rita

    From what I see alot on here many people seem to judge cigars by one or maybe a few (probably from same box). I have smoked some rough around the edges Cohiba Robustos, some were too young, some were just an average production batch. However if you do some research, ask an expert merchant and find a box from a good year with at least 3 years age on them there are very few finer Havanas, I am not joking. Look for old bands, look for good quality, know what you are looking for, good Cohiba Robustos are 3 times better than a good robusto from any other brand and age twice as well, an average or young Cohiba Robusto is beaten hands down by an average or young Partagás D4, Hoyo Epicure 2, Allones SS etc etc. Never judge any cigar by only smoking a couple from similar boxes. “Cigars take a lifetime to create, they take two lifetimes to appreciate”. Excelen delivery and feel very comfortable with the safe payment and the cigars arrivals in perfect condition! 10/10

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