Cohiba Siglo I

Length102 mm / 4 Inches
Diameter15.87 mm
Ring Gauge40


What makes Cohiba Siglo I special?

The Cohiba Siglo I Cigar was introduced in 1992 alongside the other four in the Siglo series to celebrate the 500th anniversary Columbus on his exploration.

The Cohiba Siglo I cigar itself is a tiny Corona and is very similar in taste to the other coronas in the Siglo line.

How is the taste of Cohiba Siglo I?

In the first third, the Cohiba Siglo I develop a nice thick and creamy smoke. Aromas of cocoa, citrus and hay dominate. Some touches of spices also appear. Overall, it is a very well balance cigar; the burn is nice and even.

Furthermore, the second third goes on with the same flavors: chocolate, lemon, flowers. We also notice some black mushrooms, cedar, and sweet coffee notes.

The cigar can release very subtle aromas thanks to its very smooth and creamy texture, flavor and feel.

During the final third, the flavor profile remains consistent. The burn and draw are great, if you smoke slowly, as it should be.

How long does Cohiba Siglo I last?

Cohiba Siglo I give you an average smoke time of 45 minutes. Buy Cohiba Siglo I and make these 45 minutes special.

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