Ramon Allones Gigantes

BrandRamon Allones
Length194 mm / 7.6 Inches
Diameter19.45 mm
Ring Gauge49

About Ramon Allones

Founded in 1837, it is one of the oldest brands in production.

A Galician by birth, Ramon Allones was the first cigar manufacturer to pack his cigars in boxes decorated with labels and stamped with the brand’s emblem.

He was the pioneer of packaging we know today. All cigars are filled with a blend of tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region, characterized by their full-flavored and complex taste.

What makes Ramon Allones Gigantes special?

Ramon Allones Gigantes an impressive long cigar, which is perfectly rolled, using long filler and tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region.

It is more than just a bigger Ramon Allones Specially Selected, despite having typical Ramon Allones flavors; this cigar has its own character.

It has a very complex smoke, with lots of nutty, floral, leathery, cedar aromas among others, and with a very smooth and creamy profile.

Maybe it’s the best Ramon Allones out there and definitely in the top 5 Double Coronas out of Cuba.

It is a cigar that is not too strong, because of which both experience smokers and newcomers can enjoy these cigars.

How is the taste of Ramon Allones Gigantes?

In the first third the dominant flavors are of toast, nuts, dry fruit, mocha, and coffee, wood but also of earth and leather.

Through the nose, some spice, licorice and hay. There are also sweet notes of honey, caramel, and bitterness of berries.

In the middle third, the dominant flavors are still of dry fruits, toast bread, coffee, vanilla but a new floral character appears, joined with some tea and some light spices in the finish.

In the final third, nutty flavors come back, and the dominant ones are of wood, toast, leather, and char.

There are also notes of cacao, licorice, and some sweet notes of cream, butter, almost like pastry.

Few hints of black pepper, bitterness of berries make this third even more complex, with a long and great finish.

How long does Ramon Allones Gigantes last?

This cigar gives an average smoke time of 150 minutes. Buy Ramon Allones Gigantes and experience the perfection.

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