Ramon Allones Gigantes


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Ramon Allones Gigantes


Ramon Allones Gigantes

Origin Cuba
Brand Ramon Allones
Length 194 mm / 7.6 Inches
Diameter 19.45 mm
Ring Gauge 49


Ramon Allones Gigantes Cuban Cigar 

Cuban cigars, for many, represent the epitome of luxury and class. But among the plethora of options available, the Ramon Allones Gigantes stands out as a marvel. Crafted to perfection, these cigars have journeyed through history, presenting smokers with an experience that’s both unique and traditionally Cuban. If you’re wondering why the Ramon Allones Gigantes should be your next pick from a collection, let’s delve deep into its history, craftsmanship, and flavor profile.

The Timeless History of Ramon Allones Cigars

The brand Ramón Allones boasts an extensive and influential legacy in the world of Cuban cigars. Established in 1837 by two brothers, Ramon and Antonio, the brand quickly became synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. It’s one of the oldest brands, and its influence has shaped the industry in profound ways.

The Ramon Allones Gigantes, in particular, embodies the spirit and tradition of the brand. A double corona that promises a long smoke, the Gigantes is a testimony to the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Ramon Allones Gigantes: At a Glance

  • Size: 194mm or 7.6 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 49
  • Wrapper: Velvety, slightly oily
  • Filler: Long filler from the Vuelta Abajo region
  • Flavor Profile: Nutty, floral hints with undertones of coffee, spice, leather, and creamy vanilla.
  • Smoke Time: Up to 2 hours

Unveiling the Craftsmanship

The manufacturing process of the Ramon Allones Gigantes showcases Cuba’s revered tradition of hand-rolled cigars. Using the finest tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region, each cigar promises a medium-bodied experience, marked by a unique blend of flavors. The long filler, coupled with a sturdy and vein-free wrapper, ensures an even burn. Additionally, the oily finish of the cigar provides a velvety touch to the lips, elevating the smoking experience.

One remarkable feature of these cigars is their packaging. Elegantly decorated with the emblem of the brand, each Ramon Allones Gigantes cigar comes in an original and sealed box, assuring authenticity and optimal preservation.

A Smoke Like No Other

When you light up a Ramon Allones Gigantes, you’re met with a bouquet of flavors. The first third introduces a nutty and floral aroma, intertwined with hints of toastiness. As you progress to the middle third, notes of leather, coffee, and a gentle spice make their presence known. The final phase of the smoke is marked by sweet notes, mocha, and a dash of white pepper, offering a balanced and satisfying finish.

Novice or seasoned, every smoker can appreciate the full-bodied smoke and intricate flavor profile that the Gigantes bring to the table.

Recognitions and Mentions

The Ramon Allones Gigantes, like many other best Cuban cigars, has received numerous accolades and mentions, not just from cigar aficionados but from global enthusiasts. A notable mention includes its feature in Cigar Aficionado, where it was celebrated for its impeccable flavor profile and craftsmanship.

Why Choose Ramon Allones Gigantes?

  • Authenticity: Guaranteed authentic Cuban cigars from TBCC.
  • Unmatched Flavor: A complex blend of nutty, floral, spicy, and sweet notes.
  • Timeless Craftsmanship: Hand-rolled to perfection with attention to detail.
  • Rich History: One of the oldest and most revered Cuban cigar brands.
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