Bolivar Coronas Gigantes

Length178 mm / 7 inches
Diameter18.65 mm
Ring Gauge47

About Bolivar

Bolivar is a well-known brand of cigar or you can say that Bolivar is the best brand in the manufacture of cigars. It has taken numerous cigars from 1901 to date.

However Bolivar is among the strongest, most full-bodied of all Habanos.

Experts also say there is no competition to Bolivar in the manufacture of cigars.

Furthermore people around the world who smoke cigars Bolivar appreciate products and that is the reason that Bolivar has covered a large cigar market for long.

What makes Bolivar Coronas Gigantes special?

The Bolivar Coronas Gigantes is a big, bold and really beefy Churchill. However it is much sought after by cigar connoisseurs the world over.

Furthermore you can tell from its dark wrapper that this strong cigar will deliver full-bodied flavors in your palate.

Hence it creates a thick and heavy smoke that clouds over you and that you could almost chew.

All along the cigar, the strength arises and by the end, even the most demanding connoisseur is replete and well satisfied.

How is the taste of Bolivar Coronas Gigantes?

The manufactures mix the multitude of flavors in great balance in this Cuban cigar.

The flavors are packed with a superb taste. The exterior has a gorgeous brown color and an oily finish that shows the top quality hand-made work.

The aroma of the cigar is medium and the flavors present are Leather, rough earth, wood and sandy.

Together the strength of flavors is not an indication of nicotine content.

The cigar is a true Cuban delight and the flavor makes this blend truly unique. It is an easy smoking cigar for a hot summer evening.

 How long does Bolivar Coronas Gigantes last?

Bolivar coronas Gigantes will give you a smoke time of 100 – 120 minutes. This means that you can keep enjoying its remarkable aroma.

So buy Bolivar Coronas Gigantes online and experience this masterpiece which Bolivar has to offer.

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