H. Upmann Magnum 50


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H. Upmann Magnum 50

H. Upmann Magnum 50 Technical Sheet

Specification Details
Brand H. Upmann
Size 160mm (Length)
Ring Gauge 50
Origin Cuba
Wrapper Color Lightly bronzed
Flavor Profile Earthy, almond-tinged, woody
Strength Light to medium
Release Year 2008
Tobacco Region Vuelta Abajo
Draw Smooth
Aroma Creamy, with hints of fruitiness
Smoke Duration Approximately 1-1.5 hours
Pairing Recommendations Spirits, especially aged rums
Storage Recommendation Humidor, 70% humidity
Official Website Habanos
Awards & Recognitions Recognized by Cigar Aficionado


H. Upmann Magnum 50 Cuban Cigar

Spanning the annals of Cuban history, the H. Upmann Magnum 50 is a cigar that oozes heritage, quality, and class. This article delves deep into the aura and essence of this masterpiece from Cuba, explaining why it holds an iconic place among cigar aficionados.

The Storied History of H. Upmann Brand

Founded in 1844, H. Upmann is a timeless name resonating with premium Cuban cigars. The Magnum 50 entered the range in 2008 but the brand’s legacy dates back to over a century, steeped in the tobacco-rich soils of Cuba.

Anatomy of the Magnum 50

With a hefty ring gauge of 50 and a length of 160mm, the Magnum 50 is a big cigar designed to deliver a fulfilling smoking experience. Its hand-wrapped exterior boasts a lightly bronzed color, indicative of its quality. The hint of Vuelta Abajo in the tobacco leaves ensures an enjoyable aroma, matched with intense tastes and creamy smoke from beginning to end.

Reviewing the Flavor Profile

The first third gives way to a smooth, light to medium draw with a flavor profile interspersed with woody undertones. As you delve deeper, the fruity middle third gradually transitions into a pronounced spice, making every puff memorable.

What Makes H. Upmann Magnum 50 Unique?

Handcrafted with leaves from the premium Vuelta Abajo region, these cigars produce a creamy smoke that is both mellow and fulfilling. The rich layers of flavor appeal to both beginners and seasoned smokers, offering a palate of earthy flavor and almond-tinged smoke.

Price Point and Cigar Value

Considering its Cuban heritage and unmatched quality, the Magnum 50 offers substantial value for its price. While the currency and delivery times may vary, the experience it provides is worth every penny.

Shipping and Delivery

We ship our cigars worldwide, ensuring that aficionados from all corners can enjoy this Cuban delight. Please note that the delivery time can vary, but we guarantee a fresh and timely delivery.

Related Products to Explore

For those who have developed a palate for the H. Upmann Magnum 50, exploring related products can lead to delightful discoveries. Brands like Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta offer similar experiences that are worth exploring.

Awards, Recognitions, and Mentions

The H. Upmann Magnum 50 is no stranger to accolades. Recognized by Cigar Aficionado, this cigar is a favourite among many. Its blend and construction have also garnered it praise on platforms like EGM Cigars.

How Does Magnum 50 Compare with Other Cuban Cigars?

Cuban cigars, as a whole, are revered for their quality. However, the Magnum 50 stands out with its unique blend, making it a firm favourite among many. With its mild to medium profile, it offers a distinct palate that’s both smooth and flavorful.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

  • Historic Significance: Founded in 1844, H. Upmann is a testament to Cuba’s rich cigar history.
  • Unique Blend: With Vuelta Abajo tobacco, the Magnum 50 offers a blend that’s both creamy and intense.
  • Value for Money: Its premium experience justifies its price point, making it a must-have for enthusiasts.
  • Worldwide Delivery: Ensuring that cigar lovers worldwide can indulge in this Cuban delight.
  • Awards and Recognition: Consistently praised and recognized for its blend and build.
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