Montecristo Maltes linea 1935 , is the bigger format of Montecristo’s brand new lineup gets the specific same measurement as the Montecristo 80th Aniversario that was assumed to be published at 2015 but came out last year Look Since the Maltes along with the Dumas, formerly reviewed, the Leyenda wears a third group on the foot, another ring under the Marcas’ mentioning that the title of this Line,” Linea 1935 along with the cigar’s title. All of cigars in the Linea 1953 come in a box of 20 stogies. We have seen several colors of brown on different boxes opened. Therefore we can’t state the Linea 35 are Maduro or even Colorado Maduro. Don’t be amazed to have a color difference between a box and a different Tasting 1st Component The pre draw is ideal, not too loose not overly tight, but this is very exciting and promising. As soon as I light the Leyanda that the burn is as superior as the draw and heaps of candy woody notes to begin. I adore the lengthy module as the initial flavours an extremely soft and fresh”nearly” chilly when they get to the palate. Intensity comes quite quickly along with the entire potency of cigar is currently present with a great woodiness and attain feel. The grade of smoke is moderate. Some fine touches of earthiness inserted into the woodiness create an extremely nice Montecristo flavour profile using a high intensity. Quite low acidity, do not believe the cigar is youthful. The flavour sophistication reveals this is a fantastic cigar with a huge potential already felt throughout the very first part. Cocoa and roasted coffee bring the Leyenda to candy flavour profile. 2nd Component During the next component the strength soften somewhat. The grade of smoke is quite high the cigar keep on attracting flavours reminding one of a fantastic Montecristo with some era. The flavours are extremely well balanced. In precisely the exact same time you are able to enjoy a highly effective cigar but nevertheless its advancement is so easy that you appreciate the flavours and do not feel overwhelmed by power. The ash is strong and long. Stunning form and gray. The combustion is extremely even, you don’t have to wash your cigar 10 times throughout the tasting even in the event that you leave it to the ashtray for 5 minutes you’ll nonetheless have a fantastic combustion. The odor is excellent also. I begin realising that this Leyenda is my favorite from this brand new 1935 lines. So rich and complicated. 3rd Component The final third is fairly similar and does not have a huge shift. However towards the end the Montecristo Leyenda begins to become slightly shorter and the palate that is to select something somewhat negative in this fantastic hour and twenty second smoke. Additionally it turns into somewhat dry and looses its grassiness and abundant tastes and odor. Total I appreciated the 3 cigars from the Montecristo 1935 Linea, the Dumas, both the Maltes along with the Leyenda. From the three, the Leyenda was an outstanding cigar with a huge potential of aging and development a fantastic accession to the Montecristo cigars line. Cuba has done a fantastic job. My only problem with this line is the brand new look and texture of the box to not my personal preference. I really like the authentic timber with particulars on it.

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