Partagas Lusitanias GR Cosecha 2007

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Partagas Lusitanias GR Cosecha 2007

Partagas Lusitanias GR Cosecha 2007

Origin Cuba
Brand Partagas
Length 194 mm / 7.6 Inches
Diameter 19.4 mm
Ring Gauge 49


Partagas Lusitanias GR Cosecha 2007

Origin Cuba
Brand Partagas
Length 194 mm / 7.6 Inches
Diameter 19.4 mm
Ring Gauge 49

What makes Partagas Lusitanias GR Cosecha 2007 special?

This is no doubt one of the most anticipated Habanos Gran Reserva Production releases since this series began in 2009.

This series comprises specially selected tobacco which is aged a minimum of six years before rolling. It is limited in quantity.

How is the taste of Partagas Lusitanias GR Cosecha 2007?

Partagas Lusitanias GR Cosecha 2007 begins with Sweet and Smokey start. The tones of honey, dry soil, dried forest herbs.

Furthermore, it keeps giving the tasteful tones of dried soil, kid leather, soil dust, dried wildflowers, and honey.

The Second third tastes more “grounded”, the tones of soil get more powerful, and the kid leather turns into expensive furniture leather. The sweetness remains the same high.

The Third part is rich; it brings more under-shades and under-tones to the spectrum of the previously set strong flavors.

The 3rd part of this big cigar is remarkable, it is not a compromise at all – it has no unbearable heaviness.

How long does Partagas Lusitanias GR Cosecha 2007 last?

It gives an average smoking time of 150 minutes. Buy Partagas Lusitanias GR Cosecha 2007 and enjoy its unique flavors.

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Partagas Lusitanias GR Cosecha 2007

  1. Stella B. Davis

    A tremendous cigar, near perfection. Absolutely incredible in terms of intensity of flavours and aromas, but still not strong. Not complex yet, since it is very young, but so so beautifull already

  2. Ronald T. Moore

    This page is not like the others that sell the same cigars with different rings to think they are different, I am a critic of cigars and I am impressed by the quality and variety of cigars.

  3. Randal M. Hayward

    Excellent quality cigar, I give it a 10 out of 10. A unique flavor, its aroma brings back many memories. I love the best cuban cigars because they always have a variety that I can’t find in other pages, the payment was safe, the shipment was fast and it arrived in perfect condition

  4. Kendall P. Hammer

    I received this product in excellent condition, it was shipped quickly, and the payment was secure. The cigar had an exceptional aroma and was of excellent quality. It is always a pleasure doing business at The Best Cuban Cigars as there is a variety of cigars which I cannot find anywhere else

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