Simón Bolívar is one of the great figures of the nineteenth century who has gone down in history as Liberator of much of South America from the Spanish domain. The Bolívar brand was created in 1902. And today it is based in the Partagás Factory, in the center of the City of Havana.
In coincidence with the character of the historical figure that gives it its name, this Habano is characterized by the strong personality of its flavor. Bolívar is one of the brands with the greatest strength and flavor of Habanos. The ligature composed of leaves of the Vuelta Abajo region is especially appreciated by the most expert smokers.
Bolívar Gold Medal is a standard caliber format (42 and 165 mm long) a classic Cervantes, with an accentuated tobacco flavor throughout the whole smoke that will undoubtedly delight the palates of those looking for well-pronounced flavors .
Discontinued in 1992, and now retaken, these Habanos have a unique presentation. They are wrapped in a sheet of gold foil and packed in enabled boxes containing 10 Habanos with a CDH headband. With this offer, addressed exclusively to La Casa del Habano, Bolívar brings us back one of his most admirable cigars.

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