H Upmann No.2

BrandH Upmann
Length156 mm / 6.1 Inches
Diameter20.64 mm
Ring Gauge52

About Herman Upmann

Herman Upmann Cigars predate the civil war and are an exceptional smoke.

Produced in the Dominican Republic by Altidas, the H. Upmann brand of cigars is highly respected and a favorite of many cigar connoisseurs.

Hand-rolled with some of the best tobacco, H. Upmann Cigars uses premium tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Peru, as well as other specially selected tobacco.

Finely balanced and featuring flavorful profiles, H. Upmann Cigars are a premium go-to smoke.

What makes H Upmann No.2 special?

The H. Upmann No. 2 Cigar has been a worldwide sensation ever since reaching the tobacconists’ shelves. Production was capped at 5,000 boxes – so this is a rare find!

Upmann No.2 is the most prestigious release from Cuba, which is presented annually.

It represents the best of the best. Once graded, tobacco leaves are then put aside for a minimum aging period of three years before being rolled into this masterpiece.

How is the taste of H Upmann No.2?

In the first third the flavors are well balanced and playing well together. The dominant flavors on the opening third are nuts, almonds, and peanuts, it is pretty sweet overall.

There are also notes of salted caramel and some savory taste, a taste between meat and mushroom, it is very enjoyable.

The second third is really where the H Upmann shows its true self. The meaty leather is still dominant, along with the citrus notes.

However, there is still a good amount of light spices, some black pepper mostly. Some dark coffee also joins the mix, but not too bitter, a more round flavor.

The final third shows up a different aspect of the H.Upmann No.2. The cereal flavor is gone, making room for some more hay kind of taste, while the leather ramps up even more.

The strength also picks up here in the last part. It definitely tastes like an H.Upmann No.2 here, with even more spices, white pepper at this point.

How long does H Upmann No.2 last?

This cigar gives you an average smoke time of 90 minutes. Buy H Upmann No.2 and enjoy its exotic flavors for one and a half hours.


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