H. Upmann Robustos Añejados


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H. Upmann Robustos Añejados

H. Upmann Robustos Añejados

Origin Cuba
Brand H. Upmann
Length 124 mm / 4.9 Inches
Diameter 19.84 mm
Ring Gauge 50


H. Upmann Robustos Añejados

Origin Cuba
Brand H. Upmann
Length 124 mm / 4.9 Inches
Diameter 19.84 mm
Ring Gauge 50

About Herman Upmann

  1. Upmann Cigars predate the civil war and are an exceptional smoke.

Produced in the Dominican Republic by Altidas, the H. Upmann brand of cigars is highly respected and a favorite of many cigar connoisseurs.

Hand-rolled with some of the best tobacco, H. Upmann Cigars uses premium tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Peru, as well as other specially selected tobacco.

Finely balanced and featuring flavorful profiles, H. Upmann Cigars are a premium go-to smoke.

What makes H. Upmann Robustos Añejados special?

  1. Upmann Robustos Añejados is the fifth release in the Habanos Añejados Series. These Habanos already rolled, aged in Cuba for 5 years or more, and kept in perfect conditions of preservation.

This has enabled them to gain shades and complexity without losing their initial organoleptic characteristics.

How is the taste of H. Upmann Robustos Añejados?

The H. Upmann Robustos Añejados is very creamy and smooth in the first part, the flavors are mostly wood, a bit of mineral notes, and lots of sweetness as well, reminiscent of crème Brulee.

Coming towards the middle section, spices are slowly creeping forward, some red-chili kind of spice, which mixes-up with the sweetness in some kind of chocolate chili kind of taste.

Furthermore, in the second third, the Robusto Anejado becomes even rounder, smoother, and now develops more complexity, with the addition of some nuttiness and other roasted nuts flavors.

The strength ramps upcoming towards the bands, closer to a medium body, but still allowing us to enjoy the creaminess of the cigar.

However, there is now more sweetness (honey notes), no bitterness whatsoever, and lots of wood and nuts, in a typical H.Upmann way.

How long does H. Upmann Robustos Añejados last?

This cigar gives you an average smoke time of 60 minutes. So, buy H. Upmann Robustos Añejados and enjoy this hour to the fullest.

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