Ramón allones extra 2011

BrandRamon Allones
Length143 mm / 5.6 Inches
Diameter17.46 mm
Ring Gauge44

About Ramon Allones

Founded in 1837, it is one of the oldest brands in Ramón allones extra 2011ion.

A Galician by birth, Ramon Allones was the first cigar manufacturer to pack his cigars in boxes decorated with labels and stamped with the brand’s emblem.

He was the pioneer of packaging we know today. All cigars are filled with a blend of tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region, characterized by their full-flavored and complex taste.


What makes Ramón allones extra 2011 special?

The Ramon allones extra 2011 is a delicious medium Corona.  This is the first Limited Edition – Edición Limitada in the Ramon Allones brand.

Ramon Allones is characterized by its flavor that makes this Habanos brand one of the preferred by cigar smokers who seek intense flavors and exquisite aromas.

How is the taste of Ramón allones extra 2011?

Ramón allones extra 2011 begins the first third with a dominating twang over cedar, although eventually earth and hickory join the mixture.

The Allones Extra is definitely a bit young, but the flavors are still rather Cuba.

However, in the first third the core it pretty quickly becomes earth with grass and cedar underneath, and a pepper that becomes much more noticeable on the finish.

The second third and it’s becoming quite obvious that despite the overall relatively full nature of the flavor profile.

The Ramón Allones still is rather frail when it comes to the flavors themselves.

The underlying sweetness definitely infuses itself into the profile, although the cedar, earth, and grass are still dominating.

In the final third there’s not a whole lot to say on the flavor side of things: a generic coffee adds itself.

The grass begins to go and the flavors predictably begin to show their youth.

How long does Ramón allones extra 2011 last?

This cigar gives you an average smoke time of 90 minutes. Buy Ramón allones extra 2011 and enjoy its amazing flavors.

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