Ceramic Jar Cohiba Piramides EXTRA

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Ceramic Jar Cohiba Piramides EXTRA

Ceramic Jar Cohiba Piramides EXTRA                                  

Material Ceramic
Weight 1.65 KG
Length Diameter 135mm; Height 205mm
Capacity Accommodate 30 sticks cigars


Ceramic Jar Cohiba Piramides EXTRA                                  

Material Ceramic
Weight 1.65 KG
Length Diameter 135mm; Height 205mm
Capacity Accommodate 30 sticks cigars

What makes Ceramic Jar Cohiba Piramides EXTRA Special?

Ceramic Jar Cohiba Piramides EXTRA is made in limited quantities and comes with a humidification device on the underside of its lid. It is perfect for aging your favorite cigars.

Cohiba Piramides Extra fits within the Cohiba Linea Clasica blend, with a mild-to-strong taste. It completely rolled by hand.

The leaves are from the finest tobacco plantations of San Juan y Martinez and San Luis, in the region of Vuelta Abajo in the province of Pinar Del Rio in Cuba.

Furthermore, the cigar itself is medium-to-full bodied with strong notes of smoked wood alongside notes of leather and vanilla.

The complexity is due to the four different types of tobacco leaves used in the rolling process. As well as the trademark third fermentation process of Cohiba cigars.

The Cohiba Piramides Extra is a rare cigar, Cohiba produce them every year but only in limited quantities.

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Ceramic Jar Cohiba Piramides EXTRA

  1. img-8

    Edward T. Johnston

    It is perfect to store my cuban cigars, excellent jar

  2. img-9

    James O. Cooksey

    Ceramic gives a unique touch to my cigars

  3. img-10

    Winston A. Layman

    I love this piramide and consider it to be the benchmark against which I measure any other piramides . It’s the only cigar of any shape or size that I would rate 10 for taste, through out from begging to finish . Excellent construction, beautiful jar, the jar keeps the desing and smells so good, flavor, and aged perfectly.It’s even better than the others which is very good in its own right.

  4. img-11

    Russel P. Coldwell

    Wow, just got a refill on these and did not realize how much I missed them.To really enjoy it don\’t smoke it past the spot where the cohiba label and the limited edition label meet. Gets harsh and nasty and ruins the total experience. Goes very well with Legendario Rum Elixir on ice From Cuba if you can get it.
    i love the best cuban cigar because have a lot of variety in cigars in any moment. easy and safe payment, the delivery ever was fast and the cigars in perfect condition

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