Cohiba Siglo Vl Tubos

Origin Cuba
Brand Cohiba
Length 150 mm / 5.9 Inches
Diameter 20.64 mm
Ring Gauge 52

Cohiba is the premier brand of Habanos. It was initiated in 1966 for Fidel Castro himself and was made at the now world-renowned El Laguito factory. The name Cohiba accentuates the meaning of rarity, luxury and craftsmanship. Distinctive medium to full flavors, with tobacco sourced from the very best parts of Cuba’s Vuelta Abajo region. Any box of cigars embedding the name Cohiba is special, but to behold an exclusive humidor of their’s, is simply an opulence which adjectives alone can’t describe.


What makes Cohiba Siglo Vl Tubos special?

Luxury box of Cohiba Siglo VI Turbos comes in an exclusive format that only exists in this Habanos brand. This is an extreme luxury cigar. Its big format makes it possible to fully appreciate the aroma and taste of the Lnea 1492 with complete intensity. Wonderfully made, this thick cigar burns with a rich aroma.

How is the taste of Cohiba Siglo Vl Tubos?

In the first third, the main flavors are of coffee and wood, soon joined by some leather, citrus zest and some sweet notes of fruits. The cigar is rich and complex, and its body strengthens by the end of the first third. Then it’s a medium-full by the beginning of the second third. The second third of the cigar shows more complexity and even stronger flavors. The last third is as pleasing as the first two. All the classic Cohiba flavors are here, tangy citrus, coffee, cedar, hay and spices, the earthy flavors are more discreet.

How long does Cohiba Siglo Vl Tubos last?

The average smoke time for Cohiba Siglo VI Turbos is 105 minutes. Buy Cohiba Siglo VI Turbos online and enjoy its clever and concise construction with rapid burning tobacco. That ensures a steady and trouble-free burn resulting in this beauty.

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