Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2

BrandHoyo De Monterrey
Length143 mm / 4.9 Inches
Diameter19.84 mm
Ring Gauge50

About Hoyo De Monterrey

Established by Jose Gener in 1865, the name roughly means “valley of Monterrey,” a particularly fertile site in the Vuelta Abajo, which had been framed by Gener since at least 1860.

The brand offers a lighter flavor and a wide range of sizes, the largest of which are much celebrated. The Le Hoyo series cigars were introduced about 1970 and present a stronger flavor.

What makes Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2 special?

If there is a quintessential Cuban Robusto, the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 probably holds that title.

The size has been around for decades and is a favorite among fans of Cuban cigars for its delicate nuance, complexity and aroma. Not that this is a mild cigar.

Subtlety and mild body isn’t exactly the same thing, and the Epicure No. 2 is a case study in how a cigar can deliver layers of flavor while preserving delicacy and sophistication.

How is the taste of Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2?

The Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No. 2 starts with a strong shot of tobacco combined with deep flavors of moist soil and lots of spices. After few puffs on the cigar, the cigar becomes smoother and the flavors settle.

The Epicure No 2 gets sweeter as you smoke through the second third, with flavors of leather, honey and cocoa, and a long creamy finish – definitely its sweet spot!

Further, the final third turns to a fuller body with the sweetness of caramelized sugar with hints of tobacco and leather in a creamy context.

In summary, this cigar is full in abundance in a well-constructed, even-burning, good-drawing smoke. It has loads of smoke and plenty of taste.


How long does Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2 last?

This cigar gives you an average smoke time of 90 minutes. Buy Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2 and enjoy one and a half-hour of amazing flavors.

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