Hoyo De Monterrey Hermosos No.4 Añejados (ROBUSTOS) Box of 25 cigars, 5 x 48 Coronas Extras This is the 3rd release within the new Habanos Añejados Collection. This series is made up of cigars which are aged 5-8 years previous to being launched. The boxes have the original roll date stamped, to indicate the release date of the product. Habanos is following the CigarOne pattern of growing older {cigars} for a greater smoke. Hermosos No.4 is a superbly sized {cigar}, not too huge or too small, with an excellent aging blend. This Hoyo will certainly be a really pleasant smoke. Marilyn Taste: These cigars are extremely mild and creamy as a result of the aging process and develop an intense woody taste thanks to cedar box on this Hermosos No.4 cigars. These cigars, with a body evolving from gentle to medium, which makes them the proper selection for each day smoke. Nonetheless, they’re also pretty complex cigars, in addition to woody flavors, there are also notes of pepper, leather-based and of bittersweet chocolate. Every box has been individually box opened and each stick has been checked before being banded with Aged Habanos (Anejados) band. The name Anejados means “aged” in Spanish. T The tobacco has aged accordingly and is now mellower due to the blend realizing it’s full potential. This cigar was boxed 2006. The Hoyo de Monterrey Añejado Hermosos No. 4 is a new line of Cuban cigars launched under the Añejados program run by Habanos S.A. What’s the Añejados program? Cigars on this program have all been aged for 5 to eight years of their authentic packaging. At that time the packaging is opened and the cigars are checked for high quality. Then the unique band is positioned again on the stogies and a second Añejados band is hooked up to every. The containers are stamped with the phrase “revisado,” which implies “checked.” As you most likely have observed, the Añejados cigars are fairly costly. Every Hoyo de Monterrey Añejado Hermosos No. 4 will value you not less than $14. I picked mine on my current journey to Amsterdam, in PGC Hajenius. Are these cigars price the additional value, or is that this only a gimmick to promote extra inventory (and even repackaged unsold regional editions)? Let’s attempt to discover out. Nicely, the looks of the Hoyo de Monterrey Añejado Hermosos No. 4 is pristine. The wrapper is a wealthy medium brown colour with loads of oil and only some faint veins. The looks could be very easy. The packaging with the additional band and the “revisado” stamp is in fact very good. General, development is nice. The draw is neither too free nor too tight, and the burn line was pretty even all through the smoke. My solely grievance is that this cigar does burn a bit quick, and the complete expertise lasted lower than an hour. On the hefty value, I hoped for extra. The Anejado has the mellow flavors that you’d anticipate from a cigar made out of aged tobacco, so I might say that the ageing declare is true. Notes embrace pure tobacco, almond, walnut, and hints of sweetness. The Hoyo de Monterrey Añejado Hermosos No. 4 doesn’t pack any surprises, however there’s a good bit of complexity balancing out the flavors. Now the query is, are these cigars higher than, say, an aged Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2? I am undecided. The Hoyo de Monterrey Añejado Hermosos No. 4 has grow to be the supply of some controversy within the cigar smoking world. You can find an astonishing variety of folks commenting “These had been superb!” or “These had been horrible!” with no backing proof or particulars. I solely smoked a few these, however my very own expertise positively sat someplace within the center. This isn’t a horrible cigar; it’s really fairly good. However that being mentioned, “fairly good” doesn’t measure as much as a $14 worth for me. I used to be anticipating much more from these. So I can’t counsel that you just shun or dismiss these Añejados as many others have—however I positively wouldn’t exit and purchase a field both.


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