Diplomaticos No.4

Length129 mm / 5.1 Inches
Diameter16.67 mm
Ring Gauge42

About Diplomaticos

Having been created fresh after the revolution in 1966, the Diplomaticos cigars brand was pitched as a ‘value’ option for those who couldn’t afford a Montecristo and the cigars were aimed specifically towards customers in the French market.

Today, the relationship between the two brands is even closer as they are produced in the same factory, the Jose Marti factory in Havana.

What makes Diplomaticos No.4 special?

Diplomaticos No.4 has developed into one of the most elegant Habanos to be made. It has excellent construction and a smooth feel. This medium-bodied cigar stands out with a distinctive, nutty flavor.

Typical wrapped in dark and oily wrappers, this full-bodied, well-balanced cigar is one of the best, medium bodies Havana’s made in recent years. It was Aficionado Rated 91.

How is the taste of Diplomaticos No.4?

Right from the start, the Diplomaticos No.4 provides excellent flavor. It greets you with a nice complexity, with flavors of latte, cedar, and earthy.

There is a good amount of black pepper as well. This cigar is very smooth and creamy at this point

In the second third, the complexity of the cigar is still there. All the aromas are now more powerful than in the first third, and blending nicely together.

Through the middle third, the woodsy tones become present, but strong earthy flavors remain.

In the final third, the cigar reveals its true self, but with stronger and bitter aromas than the average vitola.

While the same flavors from the previous third persist, the earthy tones crank up a notch.

The spices of black pepper encountered in the first third come back with a full swing towards the end.


How long does Diplomaticos No.4 last?

This cigar will give you an average smoke time of 145 minutes. So, buy Diplomaticos No.4 and enjoy amazing flavors it has to offer.


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