Presented in an unvarnished slide lid box, measuring 50 Ring gauge and 160 in the length, will certainly become a hit since the very beginning. Visually a treat of impeccable workmanship, the Magnum 50 also knows how to convince in terms of taste: A very creamy woody, leathery aroma, which is accompanied by roasted aromas and a fine Nussigkeit. In terms of taste, there are parallels to the "little" sister, due to the larger format the smoke texture is even creamier. The Double Robusto format (almost 16 cm in length with a 50 mm ring gauge) was so well received by the aficionados that the Magnum 50 was finally recorded in Upmann's regular program and has since enjoyed great popularity. The big sister of the Magnum 46 is available in 10 and 25-seater sliding lid boxes. The first available and very popular with collectors 50s Cabinet was officially set in 2012, but even after a few cabinet cabinets were produced. 


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