Montecristo Open Eagle

Length150 mm / 5.9 Inches
Diameter21.43 mm
Ring Gauge54

What makes Montecristo Open Eagle special?

The Montecristo Open Eagle range of cigars is a series of new sizes from the House of Montecristo. Specially made to enjoy outdoor, this is a cigar for any occasion. The Montecristo Open Eagle is the biggest cigar of the new OPEN line in length and ring gauge. It is an entirely new size and its ring gauge is the largest ever produced for a standard straight-sided Cuban Cigar. The Open series cigars also carry an additional and distinctive green cigar band. The Open range is light of flavor yet still full of the subtle nuances that make the house of Montecristo the preeminent range of handmade cigars in the world.

How is the taste of Montecristo Open Eagle?

Montecristo Open Eagle is a bit light in the beginning, with a taste of earth and wood, with hints of spice. In the second third the cigar turns to medium body while loading the palate with nutty notes and a hint of grass. The flavors are not too complex, with the earthy flavor being more intense. The tones of creamy coffee and caramel appear.   The Final third has spice, wood, cocoa and fruits, all well balanced, deliver full and balanced creamy flavors. In summary, dominated by light woodiness and never aggressive, these cigars are the ideal companion cigars to be enjoyed whenever and wherever you wish.  

How long does Montecristo Open Eagle last?

This cigar gives you an average smoke time of 90 minutes. Buy Montecristo Open Eagle because it’s worth it!  

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