Partagas Corona Gorda Añejados

Length143 mm / 5.6 Inches
Diameter18. 26 mm
Ring Gauge46

What makes Partagas Corona Gorda Añejados special?

The Partagas Coronas Gordas is the fourth release from the new AÑEJADOS or AGED concept from Habanos s.a.

The cigars have been box aged for between 5 to 8 years in the perfect humidity conditions of Cuba.

This will afford the cigars a mellower, more refined taste as the blend of the leaves meld together over time realizing their full potential.

How is the taste of Partagas Corona Gorda Añejados?

The first third of the Partagas Corona Gorda Añejados starts off with lots of pepper on the nose and with some deep woodsy and grassy flavors. There are also some spicy and fruity notes.

Furthermore, in the middle third, the spicy profile ramps up and dominate the cedar, the grass, and the fruit flavors. However, the smoke remains very smooth and the draw opens up a bit.

In the final third, the flavor profile remains similar, with lots of cedar, pepper, grass, and fruit notes. The cigar remains smooth and doesn’t get hot.

How long does Partagas Corona Gorda Añejados last?

This cigar gives you an average smoke time of 170 minutes. Buy Partagas Corona Gorda Añejados and enjoy its great flavor.

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4 reviews for Partagas Corona Gorda Añejados

  1. Jacqueline D

    Smoked one about a week ago. It was a rather strong smoke with a slight spice and leathery taste. Construction was slightly rough, but burned very evenly. I enjoyed this cigar very much. Too bad i onl bought one from the cigar shop when I was there, I will buy more seeing as to how good the cigar was

  2. Jorge R

    Great smoke. good flavor and aroma. i’m beginning to like these thinner-gauged cigars.

  3. Miguel N. Beale

    It was around a week ago that I smoked one of these. The taste of the smoke was fairly strong, with a flavor that was slightly spicy and leathery. In terms of the construction of the smoke, I found that it was somewhat rough, but that it burned very evenly. This cigar was very enjoyable to me. However, I only bought one cigar from the cigar shop when I was there. On the bright side, now that I know how good the cigars are, I will buy more

    i feel very comfortable with the safe payment, the best cigar ever i found here in the best cuban cigars!!!!

  4. Dane K. Mabe

    Picked up one of these while on a European trip. Quite nutty and smooth throughout. I noticed this particular blend gets bitter in the final third, if you draw to sharplyly. Keep draws long and smooth in the final third. It appeared to go out a couple of times, when I put it down for a couple of minutes, but upon resuming, it was very much still alive! No chance of this going out! The only down-point for me, was the very loose draw. I prefer a bit more resistance. I won’t be buying again for this reason.

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