San cristobal la punta

BrandSan Cristobal de La Habana
Length140 mm / 5.5 Inches
Diameter20.64 mm
Ring Gauge52

About San Cristobal

The latest and probably the last of the new series of Havana brands launched since 1996.

It has been given the original name of the city of Havana when it was founded by settlers back in 1519 – San Cristσbal (St. Christopher) de La Habana.

The brand boasts four sizes, each of which is named after one of the fronts that defended the city in its heyday, as the hub of the Spanish empire in Latin America

What makes San cristobal la punta special?

San Cristobal La Punta is a modern Cuban cigar, which we find very easy to smoke due to its size.

The fresh floral aspects make La Punta different than any other Belicosos, but it maintains perfectly in trend with the brand.

How is the taste of San cristobal la punta?

In the first third of the San Cristobal la punta, the dominant flavors are of leather, hay, and toasted nuts.

Overall, the first third is very creamy, sweet, with honey notes, vanilla, fruit notes.

There is also some coffee, chocolate, touches of cedar, and also some taste of nice warm bread that comes out from the oven.

Towards the end of the first third, there is a buildup of pepper. The first third is a solid medium body, but the flavors are not harsh, very subtle, and light.

In the middle third, the flavors are becoming deeper, but the overall flavor profile does not change much.

The wood is now more distinct, the nuts are more pronounced, more toastiness, more vanilla, and more sweetness (delicious caramel). There is also a bit more spices and more fruit notes.

In the final third, the flavor flavors does not evolve much, once again, the flavors gain in strength. The pepper flavor increases until the end.

The coffee is more discernable, more nuts, and more cream, almost like peanut butter. There are also more spices, and the apparition of some grape notes.

Overall, the flavors are never too harsh and the cigar is smoking cool relatively. It is a great third, with strength mild to medium body.

How long does San cristobal la punta last?

This cigar gives an average smoke time of 80 minutes. Buy San cristobal la punta and enjoy it’s amazing flavors.

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