Sancho Panza Belicosos


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Sancho Panza Belicosos

Sancho Panza Belicosos

Origin Cuba
Brand Sancho Panza
Length 140 mm / 5.5 Inches
Diameter 19.84 mm
Ring Gauge 52


Sancho Panza Belicosos

Origin Cuba
Brand Sancho Panza
Length 140 mm / 5.5 Inches
Diameter 19.84 mm
Ring Gauge 52

About Sancho Panza

The name Sancho Panza is drawn from the 1605 novel by Miguel de Cervantes, referring to the squire of Don Quixote.

The name was registered by Don Emilio Ohmsted in the year 1848 to be used with cigars, with the factory being located in Havana.

In 1960, the factory and assets that belonged to the Sancho Panza brand were nationalized, leading the company to now produce cigars under the Habanos S.A. umbrella.

When smoking a Sancho Panza cigar, you can expect a medium body with mellow flavors, a classic Cuban.

The entire range of these cigars is handmade to exceptional quality.

This includes the much-loved Sanchos range, which is longer in measurement, and the Belicosos range which comes with a shaped head.


What makes Sancho Panza Belicosos special?

The taste is surprisingly mild for a Cuban cigar.

However this along with a dark Connecticut wrapper and rich blend of tobaccos make this a cigar the perfectly personifies the cigar master Estelo Padrón.

The Sancho Panza cigars are available in various sizes, including the shaped-head Belicosos and the gigantic Sanchos.

Each cigar is hand-made and medium-bodied. These are the perfect cigars for any daytime smoking.

How is the taste of Sancho Panza Belicosos?

When lightning up the Sancho Panza Belicosos, the first flavors that come to the mouth is of caramel with just enough spiciness of black pepper.

At first the cigar reveals a medium to strong body, but soon after, the cigar mellows down and the flavor profile evolves to more woodsy and herbal aromas.

Deep flavor of earth are slowly appearing and soon became dominant, with the wood in the background.

The cigar continues to get smoother while some notes of roasted coffee make way to the foreground.

In the second third, the cigar becomes even better. The flavor profile remains basically the same, just with more strength than in the first third. The middle section of the cigar is just amazing.

In the last third of the cigar, the cigar strength goes up a notch, now being a closer to a full-bodied cigar.

Flavors of wood are still dominant; however, some nutty and chocolate notes are also present.

How long does Sancho Panza Belicosos last?

This cigar gives you an average smoking time of 90 minutes. Buy Sancho Panza Belicosos and enjoy this beauty.

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