Vegas Robaina Unicos

BrandVegas Robaina
Length156 mm / 6.1 Inches
Diameter20.64 mm
Ring Gauge52

About Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina is the second of two new lines introduced by Habanos S.A. in the ’90s.

This line was officially launched in Spain, in the spring of 1997, and will be made available to the world market in the fall.

The brand features five, hand rolled sizes, classified as: Don Alejandro (Double Corona) Famosos (Robusto), Classicos (Lonsdale), Unicos (Piramide), and Familiares (Corona).

Vegas Robaina is named after D. Alejandro Robaina, who is famed for growing the finest wrapper in the Vuelta Abajo, (Pinar del Rio), region of Cuba for more than fifty years.

These cigars use the best tobacco in Cuba, and feature wrapper grown on Sr. Robaina’s farms.

They are medium-strong blend, known as an excellent aroma, wonderful presentation, and a fine burn.

What makes Vegas Robaina Unicos special?

The Vegas Robaina Unicos is an astonishing and complex medium-full Pyramid.

It’s a very rich cigar that has a very neat construction and an awesome balance of aromas.

The taste is very typical of Vegas Robaina puros: smooth yet vibrant with a pinch roasted coffee. It goes along well with aged spirits.

How is the taste of Vegas Robaina Unicos?

In the first third, the Vegas Robaina Unicos reveals its creamy profile. The burn is nice and even.

There are also some aromas of leather, soil, and chocolate. Lots of smoke created.

In the middle third, the cigar produces even more smoke.

Furthermore, it is nice to enjoy longer draws at that point; the amount of smoke is delightful and allows all the flavors to appear in the foreground.

The final third continues on with a rich profile. It is a stunning third and there is not much more than we can ask for.

In summary, it is a wonderful cigar.

How long does Vegas Robaina Unicos last?

This cigar gives you an average smoke time of 120 minutes. Buy Vegas Robaina Unicos and enjoy its wonderful flavors for up to two hours.

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