Quai D’orsay No. 50


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Quai D’orsay No. 50

Quai D’orsay No. 50

Origin Cuba
Brand Quai D’orsay
Length 110 mm / 4.3 Inches
Diameter 19.8 mm
Ring Gauge 50


Quai D’orsay No. 50

Origin Cuba
Brand Quai D’orsay
Length 110 mm / 4.3 Inches
Diameter 19.8 mm
Ring Gauge 50

About Quai D’orsay No. 50

The Quai D’orsay cigar brand was created in 1973 mainly to appeal to the growing French market.

These cigars are more suited to the European market, this is why it has been recently introduced to the UK market.

The Quai D’Orsay Imperials are a light, sweet smoke not usually associated with Churchill’s.

Quai D’orsay Cuban cigars have dry, aromatic, woody flavors, the Corona’s have a nice mild flavor, generally very consistent, and although mild, they have loads of flavor.

It’s a good brand for a beginner due to the lack of harshness and light nature.

What makes Quai D’orsay No. 50 special?

This Petit Robusto will most likely become a must-have for all Cuban cigar Aficionados in the world.

A new shiny band marks the re-design of this brand, reviving its classy style originally created for the French market.

This light body Petit Robusto will be a perfect day smoke, after lunch for example. Wrappers tend to be of a light color and its shape is similar to the Partagas Serie D No.5.

How is the taste of Quai D’orsay No. 50?

The Quai D’orsay No.50 greets you with very pleasant flavors of light coffee and nuts, almost like a hazelnut latte.

There is also a good amount of salty flavors, some mineral, earth and vegetal notes: reminiscent of some green tea, but there is also a bit of wood and leather.

Overall, the flavors are very smooth and creamy and the flavor profile is mostly vegetal and nutty

In the middle of the cigars, the flavors evolve a bit, the main tone is still vegetal, with also a more prominent earthy taste.

There is also the Cuba tang, and some notes of pepper, licorice, roasted coffee beans, and cumin.

In the final part of the cigar, the main flavors are still vegetal, the tang and cedar are predominant. Some sweetness (honey) also joins the mix as well as some notes of cocoa and vanilla.

Overall, it is still very creamy while the body and strength ramp up a notch to a medium level.

How long does Quai D’orsay No. 50 last?

This cigar gives you an average smoke time of 60 minutes. Buy Quai D’orsay No. 50 and enjoy one hour of exclusive flavors this cigar has to offer.

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